Both Teams To Score Predictions

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Up-To-Date Both Teams To Score Statistics

DateEventTip and OddsOutcome
22.07Lyngby - FC CopenhagenBTTS YES 1.720:2 ❌
21.07Vejle - RandersBTTS YES 1.722:3 ✅
20.07Molde - KFUM OsloBTTS YES 1.802:3 ✅
19.07Xamax - Lausanne OuchyBTTS YES 1.533:2 ✅
18.07Tobol - RuzomberokBTTS YES 1.721:0 ❌
17.07KTP - TPSBTTS YES 1.601:2 ✅
16.07Decic - TNSBTTS YES 1.571:1 ✅
15.07Halmstads BK - AIKBTTS YES 1.661:2 ✅
14.07Jaro - KTPBTTS YES 1.665:2 ✅
13.07TPS - SalPaBTTS YES 1.722:3 ✅
12.07JJK - VIFKBTTS YES 1.570:0 ❌
11.07Mikkeli - KaPaBTTS YES 1.602:6 ✅
10.07Vaajakoski - KuPS AkatemiaBTTS YES 1.532:2 ✅
09.07Atlanta Utd - Indy ElevenBTTS YES 1.661:2 ✅
08.07Grobina - Tukums 2000BTTS YES 1.602:1 ✅
07.07AIK - KalmarBTTS YES 1.721:2 ✅
06.07Netherlands - TurkeyBTTS YES 1.832:1 ✅
05.07Melbourne Knights - Manningham BluesBTTS YES 1.531:0 ❌
04.07SJK Akatemia 2 - HerculesBTTS YES 1.534:4 ✅
03.07SJK - AC OuluBTTS YES 1.722:0 ❌
02.07Valmiera FC - Riga FCBTTS YES 1.702:2 ✅
01.07Karlstad - PiteaBTTS YES 1.616:0 ❌
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Both Teams To Score Meaning

Betting On Both Teams To Score, commonly referred to as “BTTS“, is a popular option that is used by bettors around the world. In simple language, both teams involved in a football match must score at least one goal for the bet to be successful.

There is also a variation known as Both Teams Тo Score – NO. In this case, at least one of the teams must not score for your bet to be a winner. For a better understanding, take a look at the example in the picture.

BTTS Example

BTTS Tip Info

✅ Stats Over 85% Daily

✅ Odds Over 1.53

✅ Medium Risk Level

✅ Medium Stake Bet

✅ Single Bet Is Recommended

✅ Bet Types – BTTS YES/BTTS NO

✅ Exceptional Customer Reviews

Both Teams To Score Tipster

Expert BTTS Tipster

Juan from Spain

Professional Tipster

When it comes to this type of bet, it is extremely important to work with a Specialist In The Field Of Goal Betting. This is exactly why we have chosen Juan from Spain as our BTTS Tipster. With a wealth of experience in predicting over and under 2.5 goals in football, he is excellent at providing Accurate BTTS Tips. Boasting a remarkable success rate of over 76% in the long term, he is dedicated to improving your Goals Betting Results.

Results From June

Winning BTTS Tips: 23 WINS

Unsuccessful Bets: 7 LOSSES

AVG Odds: 1.58

Benefits Of GG Prediction

Many football enthusiasts prefer Both Teams To Score Bet, which is a unique alternative to traditional Under/Over 2.5 goals picks. Quite often this is the better option and has a high success rate. Take a look at the significant advantages of our Expert BTTS Predictions below.

Chance Until The End

The excitement of GG Prediction continued until the very end of the football match. Just a few well-organized attacks can make your bet successful, bringing excitement and enthusiasm among bettors. This dynamic is the reason why BTTS Tips is a preferred alternative in the betting world.

Early Payout

Often GG Prediction win early in the game, especially when both teams score quick goals. This earlier success allows you to enjoy the game, confident that your bet has already secured a profit.

Emotion-Free BTTS Betting

When placing BTTS Bets, it doesn’t matter which team will win. What really matters is Both Teams Must Score for your bet to be a winner. Forget emotional attachment to a team and focus on the dynamics of scoring goals to take a more strategic approach to your bets.


The challenge comes when either team receives a red card. This makes scoring a goal significantly more difficult for them with only ten players on the pitch. If this happens early in the match, you can use the ‘close bet’ option if it is available at your bookmaker. This strategic move allows you to keep the majority of your bet instead of risking a complete loss.

Are “BTTS” and “Both Teams To Score” The Same?

There is no difference between “BTTS” and “Both Teams to Score” – they are identical. In football betting, “BTTS” is the short form adopted by most bettors. Like other simplified names for bet types such as ACCA for Accumulator, choosing “BTTS” improves ease of navigation across betting platforms. Here, we use the abbreviated version to make communication with our customers simpler and easier to understand.

Is BTTS different from Both Teams to Score

Predicting BTTS YES and BTTS NO

In Both Teams To Score Predicting, all factors that influence the development of the match are gone through. Nothing is out of sight of our BTTS Specialist. As usual, we go through the missing players, the atmospheric conditions, and the importance of the match. The daily success rate is calculated thanks to our professional tools. But here we will determine specific factors that affect this type of prediction.

Goal-Scoring Statistics are key when selecting a BTTS tip

Goal-Scoring Record

Keeping track of a team’s goal-scoring stats is crucial when choosing The Best BTTS Pick. This criterion plays a key role in determining whether a match is suitable for our bet.

Check the Defensive Records in BTTS Picking

Defensive Stats

Always look carefully at the teams’ goals conceded record when choosing such a bet. This is a key indicator for our expert. 10 matches back are quite enough to extract reliable information.

Important Both Teams To Score Factor

Attacking Teams

Matches between 2 teams that practice attacking football are very suitable for BTTS Betting. In such matches, there is always a High Chance Of Scoring Many Goals on both sides.

Crucial BTTS Indicator

Goalkeeper Form

Before placing a Both Teams To Score Bet, it is important to assess the current form of the goalkeepers. This is the last line of defense that stands between the opposing team and scoring a goal.

Best Teams For BTTS NO Tips

Defensive Teams

When making Both Teams To Score NO Predictions, we focus on matches between teams that are defending as a priority. Usually, these teams are at the bottom of the standings.

Expected Goals in Both Teams To Score Predictions

xG Stats (Expected Goals)

With our premium betting tools, we keep a close eye on the Expected Goals Stats. This valuable information allows us to gauge the potential outcome of a match by assessing the quality of goal-scoring situations created by teams.

The Best BTTS Teams In 2024

We work with statistics that are updated weekly. Below you can see the current teams that most often make BTTS Matches.

  1. Luton
  2. Man Utd
  3. Bochum
  4. Reims
  5. Napoli
The Best Teams For BTTS Predictions

Saturday Both Teams To Score Tips

After years of predicting winning bets and tracking analysis daily, our experience shows that Saturdays host the highest number of games that are perfect for BTTS Betting. That’s why, we recommend high staking for our football picks every weekend.

Free BTTS Tips Today And Tomorrow

Discover Free BTTS Predictions Every Day on our website. Our Pro Tipster at VoltaBet carefully selects The Best Goals Picks using a premium betting tool. Despite not being paid for, these tips boast a very high success rate. Find many free predictions daily with us and be more confident in your bets.

Goal/Goal Bettins Strategy

For our BTTS Predictions, we recommend the “Units Strategy” and the “Fixed Percentage Strategy“. These are systems that are more conservative and are preferred by most professional bettors. With them, you will make balanced bets, win regularly, and have a long-term view.

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Goal/Goal Betting Summary

Explore an exciting and profitable football betting opportunity with our Both Teams To Score Predictions. Trust our specialist to find The Best BTTS Pick Of The Day. Thanks to his thorough research and skilled work with professional betting tools, he achieves amazing results in the long run. Increase your chances of success by starting your journey into the world of betting with Volta Bet.