Top Football Betting Strategies

Explore Top Football Betting Strategies For The Long-Term Winnings From Soccer Tips And Predictions. Find the most profitable strategies for beginners and advanced bettors. VoltaBet Betting Guides Are Suitable For All Kinds Of Bets.

Bankroll Management System With Units

The Unit Betting Strategy has been used in football betting for several years. This strategy allows you to manage your bet very well for each tip. “Units Strategy” is more passive, which protects bettors from accumulated losses and helps them get through the tough periods without going bankrupt. The main idea is not to bet more than 5% of the bank per day. Here’s an example to help you understand this better:

Starting Bank €1000

UnitsBank %Amount

Cambuur – Jong AZ @ Both Teams to Score – 1.57 Odds (Pinnacle) Unit: 3 (Max bet)
Daily Bet Success Rate: 91%

If you start with a €1,000 bank, you have to bet €50 if the unit overbet for the prediction is 3. At the end of each subscription, the winnings in “Units” are counted. In addition, we attach the daily match probability (success rate) as %, which is determined by all the factors to find and predict the best match of the day. Example:

M’Gladbach – Werder Bremen @ Over 2.5 Goals – 1.60 Odds (BetFair) Unit: 3 (Max bet)
Daily Bet Success Rate: 93%

As mentioned above, this strategy is passive. This is the strategy we recommend to any serious bettor with a lot of capital who is looking for a slower and safer capital build-up.

Dalamber Strategy

The Financial Strategy Called Dalamber was originally developed for other betting industries, and after that, adapted and used in sports betting. The Dalamber Strategy is Similar To The Martingale Strategy but has its peculiarities. Based on what our betting bank is (the money set aside for betting) – we determine how much money one unit is – for example, €100.

If we make a losing bet – we increase the next bet by one unit (€100), and if the bet is profitable – we decrease the amount of the next bet by one unit.


Your BetWin/Loss
€100 on 2.00 OddsLoss
€100 on 2.00 OddsLoss
€100 on 2.00 OddsWin
at this point -
our bank is back to its original size.
Next €200 on 2.00 OddsWin

So now that one cycle of the strategy is complete – we continue with a bet that is not one unit (€100), as in the Martingale Strategy, but with a bet that is one unit smaller than the last winning bet (in this case – we continue with €200).

Fixed Percentage System

The Fixed Percentage System is a financial betting method in which the player always bets a fixed percentage of his betting bank, regardless of the odds, the size of the bank, or the results of previous bets. This system is one of the simplest but also one of The Most Efficient And Secure Betting Strategies. It is especially recommended to beginner punters because it never puts the entire bank at risk.

The bettor must first determine the amount he will set aside for betting, which we call the bankroll. If the betting amount is €1000 and we are going to bet on events with odds of 1.50 – 1.80, for example, we can set a higher fixed percentage of the bet, for example, 20%.


Your BankBetOdds
€100020% (€200)1.80 – Win
€116020% (€232)1.50 – Win
€127620% (€255)1.90 – Win
€150620% (€301)1.80 – Loss
€120520% (€241)1.70 – Loss
€96420% (€193)1.50 – Loss
€77120% (€154)1.80 – Win
€89420% (€178)2.20 – Win
€110920% (€222)1.80 – Win
€128620% (€257)Win

Under This System, The Bank Increases With Each Winning Bet, as does the size of the next bet. With good play in the long run, the player will progressively increase the balance, and during losing periods – the decreasing bet size will save him from bankruptcy.

Oscar Grande Betting Strategy

In the beginning, this strategy was used in other industries, but like many others, it was later adapted to football betting. The Strategy Is Seemingly Very Simple, but it is important to follow the basic rules. Depending on the size of the bank, you need to determine what profit you are looking for at the end of each betting cycle. This is recommended to be 5% of the bank.

According to the strategy, if we have a bank of €1000 and we are looking for a profit of 5% at the end of the betting cycle (€50), the first bet should be €50.



So the bank has increased by 6%, to €1060. If bet number 4 was a loss, then the next bet should be €100 again. In other words, if the first bet is not profitable, you have to get to a point where you win 2 bets in a row.

What Is The Best Football Betting Strategy For Each Of Your Bets?

Below are listed all the Strategies That Are Suitable For Each Of Our Football Tips. We recommend that you stick to one of them rather than changing them every few days, for example.

Betting with a specific strategy has a much better chance of being successful in the long run with soccer bets.

  • Banker Bet – Units Strategy, Fixed Percentage Strategy
  • Bet Of The Day – Units Strategy, Fixed Percentage Strategy
  • High Odds Tips – Dalamber Strategy, Oscar Grande Strategy, Units Strategy, Fixed Percentage Strategy
  • Accumulator Tips – Dalamber Strategy, Oscar Grande Strategy, Units Strategy, Fixed Percentage Strategy
  • Double Betting Tips – Units Strategy, Fixed Percentage Strategy
  • Over 2.5 Goals Tips – Units Strategy, Fixed Percentage Strategy
  • Under 2.5 Goals Tips – Units Strategy, Fixed Percentage Strategy
  • BTTS Tips – Units Strategy, Fixed Percentage Strategy
  • Asian Handicap Tips – Units Strategy, Fixed Percentage Strategy
  • Corner Betting Tips – Units Strategy, Fixed Percentage Strategy

If you are a beginner and still don’t have experience in paid tips, try some of our strategies with free picks.

Football Betting Strategies – FAQ

Which Betting Strategy Is The Most Profitable?

There are a few things that are considered when choosing The Most Profitable Football Betting Strategy. Firstly, the size of your bankroll, and secondly, the size of the odds you are betting on. Take a look at the strategies examples and think about which one is right for you based on your bankroll and the service you’ve chosen. And, more specifically, the service odds you have chosen. Of course, if you are a beginner bettor, this will be a difficult task for you. In that case, it is best to contact us. We will help you Choose The Best Strategy For You.

How Can I Bet Without Losing?

This is a question that many bettors ask themselves. Unfortunately, it is impossible to bet without losing. A Good Strategy Would Help you get through such moments more easily. Properly managing your bankroll is the key to being successful in football betting.

Is There A Zero-Risk Betting Strategy For Football?

In our view, there is no Zero-Risk Strategy in any industry. The risk in football betting is there, and no strategy is risk-free. What we do when we use these strategies is minimize the risk of loss, but there is still risk. Please bet responsible!

What Is The Safest Football Betting Strategy?

Fixed Percentage And Units Strategy Are Our Safest Betting Strategies. We recommend them both to beginners and to people with a lot of capital who aim to profit in the long term. These are the two strategies where it’s almost impossible to go bankrupt. This is because we recommend the stake amount to be a small percentage of your current bankroll (5% max per day).

How To Follow The Unit Strategy?

The easiest way is to make an Excel Spreadsheet With Columns For Everything And Enter Each Match and Unit. In the end, you have to have a unit profit/loss and calculate how many units you are at a win or loss.

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Best Betting Guide – Summary

In conclusion, we believe that a Good Strategy Is The Key To Long-Term Betting Profits. At VoltaBet you can find the best strategies and guides we think you can use no matter if you are a beginner or advanced bettor.

We will continue to develop and learn new things about how to win more in football betting. Every detail is important to us in our desire to make you More Successful In Your Football Betting Journey.