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September 20, 2019
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September 20, 2019
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This strategy will be helpful to you. To understand its principle, we will explain it by way of example.

So, let's start with a bet amount of 600 EURO. We will divide it into 3 small sub-accounts of 200 EURO each. We'll leave two of these accounts aside and start betting with only the third. We will bet the amount of 200 EURO in it until they increase to 400 EURO, etc. the amount will double. If we manage to reach 400 EURO, we will transfer 200 EURO in the other two sub-accounts, reaching 300 EURO each. In total this will be the starting amount we had to bet. We will continue to bet with the rest of the amount, etc. 200 EURO, which we have allocated in the third sub-account.

If we lose the initial 200 EURO from the first sub-account, we will divide the remaining 400 EURO into 3 sub-accounts with about 130 EURO each and start betting with only one of these sub-accounts until we again reach 400 EURO, etc.

We recommend that you only bet on 2 or a maximum of 3 matches per sheet with an average odds of 2.30 and a bet of 1/6 on our account. If we have 200 EURO, we will bet about 30 EURO on a Bet Slip.

The most important thing is NEVER to ignore the above rules. We guarantee that after a month of applying this strategy, your account balance will be much higher.

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