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September 20, 2019
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September 30, 2019
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Goals are often scored, even by teams that are outsiders, not just favorites. And you also, I suppose, have noticed that a lot of goals happen after a mistake in the defense of the opposing team. There were cases of goals scored even in the 90th minute.

You need at least 2 goals to win the bet. At low odds, more than 1.5 goals may be sufficient.

In order for your strategy to succeed, you need to have a number of odds that are acceptable - for example, from 1.2 to 1.35. Exclude odds below 1.2 as this is a very high risk for small winnings. Increasing odds - over 1.35 decreases your chances of winning, as there will certainly be information you will miss.

It is understandable to strive for the highest odds, but with the reduction in the chance of winning, such an aspiration is not worth it. As for the amount to bet, here is the advice of a seasoned professional: keep your bet the same, about 5% of your finances available in your account.

For those who prefer to bet above / below 2.5 on football scores or are interested in how to succeed in this type of bet, here are some tips.

You must have information on the last 4 matches for each of the teams involved in a given match. This is information for a total of 8 matches. Here are our tips based on the results of these games:

If a match ended with a score above 2.5, we recommend giving +5 points. If both teams scored in this match, add +0.75 points even if the match ended with a score below 2.5. If the match ended with a score below 2.5, you must subtract; that's -0.5 points. If one of the teams has not scored a goal in a given match, even if the team has finished with a score above 2.5, you have to take it out again; it's -0.75 points. Now collect all points. The result you get is either positive or negative. The maximum scores are +10 and -10 points. This will certainly mean a bet of over 2.5 or under 2.5 goals.

We recommend that you only place a bet if the score you get based on the above calculations is at least +/- 5 points.

For example, if you score +6, you have to place a bet of 6/10 on over 2.5 goals.

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