Purchasing Split Bet

Split Bet or more commonly known in the betting community as a Combo Bet is one of the most desired bets in the industry and not in vain is the second option in every bet slip of all bookmakers.
Split Bet Service Info Table
Use it for Combo Bets
Daily Success Rate - Over 84%
Long Term Success Rate - Over 80%
Receive Method - Via Email After the Payment
Payment Methods - PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Credit/Debit, Western Union
Security Level - High

Split Bet Replacement Policy

The prices for 1 day are suitable for people who need motivation and trust in our services! It would also help people who need money to buy our long term packages.

1. Daily Case - If our daily Split Bet is unsuccessful, you will get a new one for free on the next day with odd never lower than 1.90 to help you recover the lost bet.

In the event that on the next day the free tip does not win again, we will send you money management and a betting strategy plus a new secure bet to regain the money from your loss and get back on a positive balance.

If we have already earned your trust and you bought a package 31 tips, you have become our long-term customer. Here are the options 31 days:

2. Monthly Case - If you buy a package in 31 days, you will become our long-term customer! Through this one period if we allow 13 or more losses you will receive 5 days bonus matches plus money management and betting strategy to regain the money from your losses and recover your profits.

What are the benefits of Split Bet?

The advantages of Combo bets are that with the combination of 2 sure matches with low odds, you get good odds that will make it easier and faster to win short and long term winnings. If you want to get an even better odds, you can combine Split Bet with our Extra bet and thus your final odds will start from 2.50 up to 3.00

What type of bettors is it for?

Split bet is suitable for all types of bettors, regardless of their capital. The most important thing here is to have a stable betting strategy that is tailored to your options and your preference and also Bankroll Management!