Purchasing SingleBet

By purchasing this service you are making a pretty good and lucrative investment that will earn you more than a satisfactory profit if you are just plain bettor. This is the most popular service in this business. Some people may call it clichéd, but our research shows that it can make you very big profits.
Voltabet Service Info Table
Optional - You can combine it with Extra Bet
Daily Success Rate - Over 73%
Long Term Success Rate - Over 78%
Receive Method - Via Email After the Payment
Payment Methods - PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Credit/Debit, Western Union
Security Level - Top Quality

Single Bet Replacement Policy

If we have not yet gained your trust and you want to try out our predictions and decide to buy only 1 Single Bet

1. Daily Case - The tip ends as a LOSS. In this case you will get a free Single Bet tip on the next day with odd above 1.60

In the event that on the next day the free tip does not win again, we will send you a money management and a betting strategy plus a new secure bet to regain the money from your loss and get back on a positive balance.

If we have already earned your trust and you bought a package 31 tips, you have become our long-term customer. Here are the options 31 days:

2. Monthly Case - You have purchased Single Bet service for 31 days – In this case, you get 31 tips for 1 month. If 13 or more of these predictions are LOSSES, you will receive 5 days bonus matches plus money management and betting strategy to regain the money from your losses and restore your profits.

What are the benefits of Single Bet service

There are several advantages to this type of service. One of the most important is the fact that it has a lower price, the coefficients are average in magnitude and the success rate is high - 78% in the long run and 73% if you buy it only once.

What type of bettors is it for?

Here is the good news for this service. It is accessible to every type of bettor - both serious players and people who just want to make extra money or just want to feel the thrill of football betting.