Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Who you are?
- We are a professional website for football predictions/soccer tips made on the basis of statistics, analysis, strategies, betting software, odd tracking system, and more systems which we prefer to keep in secret. Our team members are not just 4 different tipsters for each service, but also the Content Manager, FE and BE Developers, UI/UX Designer, and the Manager of the whole team. We've assembled this team of professionals to make this beautiful website completely user-friendly and easy to use. Betting with us is not just about making money, it's a whole adventure!
2. Do you offer free soccer tips ?
- No, is a website for paid football predictions. There is only one case when you can receive a free tips - only in case of loss.
3. Which payment methods you use most often?
- PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Western Union, and Credit/Debit card.
4. How will I receive my tips ?
- You will receive your tips as soon as we receive your payment. To ensure your peace of mind, please contact us to alert us to your payment.
5. Are you working with fixed odds?
- No. Certainty is our priority. Our odds are starting from 1.60 up to 3.00, depends on the service you want
6. Do you offer any discounts for your clients?
- As you can see, our long-term services are already discounted. We make even bigger discounts for special clients and loyal customers.
7. What is your success rate?
- For our daily success rate we made a counter for each service next to the payment banners. For long-term services we must cover over 75% for sure, but as you can see each service is different.
8. How many soccer tips do you send per day?
- We provide 5 different soccer tips services daily:
1. Volta Bet | Odds 1.40 - 1.60
2. Single Bet | Odds 1.60 - 1.90<
3. Big Bet | Odds 1.90 - 2.50<
4. Split Bet | Odds 1.90 - 2.50<
5. Extra Bet | Odds 1.20 - 1.30<
9. Why should I trust your choice?
-We don’t give empty promises. We also won’t oblige anybody to trust us. The gratification of our clients is our goal and the results will show you if you can trust us or not.