Purchasing Extra Bet

Extra Beta is a new generation of betting services that our team recommends combining with any of our other services to increase the odds. Also, with its success rate of about 93%, it is suitable for high stakes bets for small but secure profits.
Split Bet Service Info Table
Use it for 7/10 Days Challenge or Combine with other Bets
Daily Success Rate - Over 84%
Long Term Success Rate - Over 80%
Receive Method - Via Email After the Payment
Payment Methods - PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Credit/Debit, Western Union
Security Level - High

Extra Bet Replacement Policy

The prices for 1 day are suitable for people who want to increase their odd or wanted to make weekly or 10 days Challenge with Martingale system.

1. Daily Case - If you purchase Extra Bet daily and the tip is unsuccessful, you will receive a new one free on the same or the next day. If the next one fails, you will receive a new secure bet and a plan to recover the lost amount.

If we have already earned your trust and you bought a package 31 tips, you have become our long-term customer. Here are the options 31 days:

2. Monthly Case - If you buy a package in 31 days, you will become our long-term customer. If through this period we face let's say 6 or more losses, you will get free tips as many as the losses are and the good point here is the tips you receive will be most secured tips, not just the Extra's.

What are the benefits of Big Bet?

The good thing about this service is that it is specially designed to be combined with each of the other services. The best benefit is that every time you add to another service, you get a 10% discount.

What type of bettors is it for?

Extra Bet is suitable for people with greater capital for single bets and for everyone remains for combined bets. We do not advise you to combine Extra Bet with Big Bet.