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September 30, 2019
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September 30, 2019
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When you make 1X2 single bets, you will have better odds with Asian Handicap. Of course, with this type of betting, sometimes the risk is higher, but if you concentrate and do good analysis, you can increase your chance of winning.

Two main reasons for using Asian handicap The risk with this type of bet is usually less as the odds are always high so you will need fewer correct bets to win. Another advantage of Asian handicap is that the bookmaker will determine the lines and you will be left with the choice of a better line rather than better odds. For example, if the line is -1/2, you can look for -0.25; suppose the odds are always 1.90 / 1.90. Here is a description of the combined strategy for Asian handicap First, look for and make a short list of some of the more reliable leagues, in the sense that the results of their matches can often be predicted are not unpredictable. These are the first English leagues. You can find many games to bet on. In these leagues, select matches for which you can find information, predictions, any data that is critical to the outcome of the match. If you can watch matches from these leagues (for example from the English Premier League), note the tactics used by the coaches as you see it from your point of view. Let's mention player Rafa Benitez from Liverpool. He prefers to win 2-0 rather than win 6-2. Such players will tell you that they are more concerned about the final result than winning a handicap. Now, search the Internet for information on the scheme available to players in the team. For example, if the scheme is 4-4-2, this team is more likely to win a handicap than a team with a 4-5-1 game scheme.

Remember that the above three steps are just the beginning of gathering information. During the season, you should update this information if anything changes.

For the next step, we will give an example from the English Premier League to explain the principle. The example is two teams. One is Liverpool, the good team and the other Birmingham, the bad one. Bookmakers determine the lines for each match played by each team. For Liverpool matches, the lines are always clearly defined (AH -1, AH -1.25, AH -1.5) when playing against bad teams. For Birmingham, the lines are in favor of the team because it is supposed that he has to fight in order not to drop - they are AH +0.5, AH +1, AH +1.5.

You should be aware that for every game played, this handicap is included in the statistics. For example, for every Liverpool match, if the home side and Asian Handicap is -1.5 and the final result for Liverpool is 2-1, then although Liverpool have won the match, in the handicap statistics it has lost. This means Liverpool have played worse than expected. He should easily win the match.

What should be your approach? Start with the decision that bookmakers determine the right Asian handicap. Look for good teams that have lost their handicap many times in a row; 3 or 4 times is enough. Look for these teams in all of today's suggestions and record them for further use of this information. For example, about 50 games a day will have about 8-9 games left in your list.

The next step is to look for team statistics. You should be interested in more than goals for a match that are scored by the team and against it. Do not consider matches where there are poor statistics - although bookmakers rank them as favorites, in fact they are poorly played. Now look for news about injuries or the like that may affect your normal play style. If you find any bad news for the teams favorites, remove their matches from your list. Now, place your bets on the remaining matches in the list. We recommend that you use the flat wagering system, with 5% of the finances in your account for each bet.

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